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About Us

about us

about us

Our Goal

Our goal, through summer camp and program experiences, is to help children develop confidence, self & social esteem, English language skills, and help international students learn about North American culture. We achieve our goals by taking parents through an extensive discovery process where we learn holistically about their children’s needs. ConnectU International is the promise of safe, enriching, life-changing camp experiences – for children across the world.

Our Founder: the Leader In Creating Connections

Our guiding philosophy definitely sets the bar above the average student referral agency. This heart-and-soul creation by its founder, Dov (Bear) Shapiro is an extension of his intricate 30-year relationship with camp life.

Dov (Bear) Shapiro founded this unique matchmaking solution because he experienced the benefits of camp firsthand. First as a child, then as a cabin counselor, activity specialist, director and camp owner. With his previous experience as a Science teacher, Director roles with Mad Science and Westcoast Connection, as well as Owner/Director of Camp Chateaugay, Dov has had the opportunity to teach over 15,000 students over the past 30 years, across 4 countries and 3 continents. Dov’s diverse professional background is further proof that he should lead this company.

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30 Year Relationship with Camp Life

After 3 decades with North American summer camp expertise, Dov connected with something much stronger than the camp experience itself. He connected with each student, parent, and instructor – with their innocence, their vulnerability – and with their openness to explore true freedom. Camp taught him about a more powerful way to live. And his life changed forever. His leadership role became fully integrated & Dov’s life transitioned as a result of camp. Dov’s wealth of knowledge about the industry helps parents carefully choose the right experience for their child.

Background in Education and Extensive Travel Experiences

Dov’s passion and expertise, especially when traveling far & wide from China, Europe or other countries, can best prepare you for this voyage. Given each country has a unique cultural footprint, we ensure compatibility at every level. Given this region’s unique cultural footprint, we ensure compatibility at every level.

“What do I love about camp? You can always be the person whom you most naturally want to be.”
“Those who know me well pledge that camp gave me the strength & support to show up for others. And I become the friendly bear at camp!”
dov shapiro